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Our sole mission at Woolwich Wellness and Weight Loss Centre is to help you become a healthier version of you. Our focus is evidence based weight loss medicine utilizing a very low calorie diet. With the incorporation of lifestyle and behavioural modification we have created the Intensive Life Intervention Weight Loss Program. This all natural program can improve control of your diabetes, reduce your cardiovascular risk, hypertension and arthritis. We seek to develop a life long relationship with our patients for on going support to ensure you maintain the healthier version of you.


Intensive Life Intervention Weight Loss Program

Lose up to 30 Lbs in 43 Days!

Complete history and physical.

Complete blood metabolic panel.

10 year risk stratification of Cardiovascular Disease.

Full body composition and analysis pre and post.

No Shakes. Eat real food as our body was intended to!

Measurement of Resting Metabolic Rate pre and post.

Six weeks of physician supervised Intensive Life Intervention. 

Very low calorie ketogenic diet  (VLCKD).

Six week maintenance program.

Safe and Effective

Weekly follow up with medical team.

Physician management and adjustment of medications when indicated.

Communication with your primary care team when indicated.

Smart technology and phone app for monitoring.

Medical Grade Equipment

SecamBCA 514

 The seca mBCA 514 is a medical Body Composition Analyzer, which is ideally adapted to the working conditions in hospitals and medical practices. After all, in order to obtain a truly meaningful BIA measurement (bioelectrical impedance analysis), we need to look beyond the many technical requirements. For one thing, the device has to be quick and easy to use for both medical staff and patients. For another, the measurement results have to be reproducible under normal clinical working conditions. These exact considerations went into the development of the seca mBCA 514. 

Woolwich Wellness App

Custom application for Android and iOS.  Syncs with smart scale and activity tracker.  Smart scale provides BMI, body fat percentage and lean mass.  Trend your progress by week, month and year.  Food diary allows for customization of recipes and save to your favourite.  Communicate with the clinic through the application.  Keep the scale post program for  continual monitoring.  We are alerted when you gain more than 10lbs.  


 The MedGem indirect calorimeter, a FDA 510K-cleared Class II medical device is a state-of-the-art, handheld device that accurately measures oxygen consumption (VO2) to determine resting metabolic rate (RMR)*. The measurement is easy to administer and provides accurate results in only a few minutes. The easy to use device allows for personalization and accurate development of individual nutrition and weight management goals. With each MedGem comes the MedGem® Analyzerprofessional companion software. MedGem Analyzer allows for easy monitoring of real-time measurement data, export feature for further data analysis, and report generation for patient education.  

High Protein Low Carbohydrate Alternatives

Our featured line of high protein low carbohydrate snack alternatives. Full of flavour without full of calories!

Oh So Sweet!

Protein Bars and more

Oh So Savoury!

Chips, Popcorn, Pretzesl and more

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